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Premium Ingredients, Homemade Taste!

At the Cupcake Corner, we strive to provide high quality cupcakes made with premium ingredients & free from hydrogenated oils. We are so passionate about our cupcakes & would never serve anything that we would not love to devour ourselves. All of our cupcakes are baked by hand, from scratch! We promise to serve you the freshest cupcakes made with a tremendous amount of love & care. We are always especially thrilled to receive customized orders (for an extra charge), so please don't hesitate to be as creative as you can get! We are more than willing to accomodate your special occasion, as best as we possibly can. If you have special dietary restrictions or requests (i.e. gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, egg free), we are always happy to accomodate for an additional charge. Please note that special requests require extra time to prepare so please contact us for details! For all other cupcake inquiries or orders, feel free to contact us at your convenience at: OR 858-610-6500.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Red Velvet Birthday & Double Chocolate Stout galore!

This past Saturday, I baked red velvet cupcakes & even made a 4' filled cake for a very special lady:) They came out delicious as they looked!

For those of you that are not already aware, I am now adding 4" filled & 6" round cakes (as top tiers) to my menu!:) However, they must be ordered in addition to at least one dozen cupcakes. The Extra King-Sized cupcakes can be ordered individually! Please inquire for more details!!

On Sunday, I had a small order for a dozen Double Chocolate Stout cupcakes (standard size). This is the newest flavor to my menu & is so so yummy! It is very rich, yet not too sugary or overpowering. It is made with Scharffen Berger Dark Unsweetened Chocolate, which gives it such a rich taste. Other ingredients include Young's Double Chocolate Stout & Molasses! For the frosting, ricotta cheese is beaten in for several minutes in order to give it a nice, velvety texture. They are definitely worth every dollar spent & will satisfy any chocolate or beer lover's palate;)

Well, off to prep some fondant decorations for a baby shower AND birthday this weekend! Check back next week to see my newest creations!:)

Friday, October 22, 2010

San Diego Youth Services' 40th Anniversary Party

Last night, I had the opportunity to cater an event for a local, non-profit organization that helps at risk youth & their families. This organization, San Diego Youth Services, was celebrating their 40th anniversary and held their event in downtown, at Syrah Wine Parlor. The event had an amazing turn-out and I was able to donate my time by making four dozen mini cupcakes!

Please excuse the poor quality of some of the photos from the event, as the lighting was poor...

As you can see, I made four different flavors which were: Red Velvet, Pumpkin Spice, Double Chocolate Stout, AND a banana cake filled with strawberry preserves & topped with a peanut butter frosting. Soo delish...and they looked amazing!:)

To learn more about SD Youth Services, please visit:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Spice & So So Nice!

Hey Everyone! I am entering my Pumpkin Spice cupcake in a contest by Sweetest Kitchen. I am so thrilled to be submitting my Pumpkin Spice cupcake, as I am very proud of my recipe & how hard I worked on it! I need ALL of you to help me out and vote for my cupcake photo! You are only allowed to vote once, so please be courteous to others:)

Those that know me personally, are aware that I bake pumpkin pies & muffins from scratch every Fall. When I say scratch, I mean from the whole pumpkin itself...the REAL DEAL! No canned ones are allowed near my baked goods!

This year, I figured that if I can make yummy pies & muffins out of pumpkins, then certainly I can make yummy cupcakes! And so, my baking journey began...

                                                                                              1st- Cut & carve the pumpkin,
                                                                                                 scraping out seeds & pulp
                                                                                                           2nd- bake in oven
                                                                                               3rd- remove shells & puree
                                                                                               pumpkin in food processor
                                                                                               4th- Create a masterpiece!

And so now, you've seen the shortened version of how to create the PERFECT Pumpkin Spice Cupcake. Time to sign off now, so that I can indulge in this delicious & delectable treat!:)

Happy Cupcaking!!:)

Mystery Box Challenge-

The winner of October’s Mystery Box Cupcake Challenge will receive prizes from:
Thank you to all our prize sponsors!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chai Tea Latte

Hey Guys! I've been wanting to create a Chai Tea Latte cupcake forevvvvver....just never got around to it. I wanted to find the perfect Chai Tea brand & the right seasonings before creating this masterpiece!:) And well, here it is...

A Chai Tea Latte flavored cupcake that is topped with a whipped cinnamon frosting that is made with Premium Korintje Cinnamon:)


In other Cupcake Corner news....we are so excited because we JUST received a shipment of very delicious, premium Mexican vanilla beans. Initially, I was planning on ordering Madagascar vanilla beans but after doing some extensive research, I quickly learned that the Mexican vanilla bean is the highest quality & the best for baking! And of course, I just HAD to order them!:) I am so excited to start using them, so be sure to put in your order for Vanilla Bean Cupcakes or ANY cupcakes with Vanilla Bean frosting. Delish!

Please note that an additional $1/dozen will be added for vanilla bean orders, as these high quality beans can be quite expensive...


Hey Everyone! Halloween is approaching & I thought I would decorate a few Halloween themed cupcakes! All of my decorations are handmade & I definitely need to thank my cousin Christine (from Nashville) for the inspiration!:) They are perfect for Halloween & will be a huge hit at any party! Contact us to pre-order for your spooktacular event!


Hey everyone! The Cupcake Corner San Diego is proud to announce a new addition to our cupcakes! We are now offering 4" filled AND 6" round cakes! Both can be ordered as top tiers for cupcake towers!! Please inquire for more information!

This past week, we had an order from the Scripp's Hospital Twins' Club of San Diego. They ordered TARAmisu & Not Your Typical Red Velvet, our TWO signature flavors! Unfortunately, I was so busy at the event that I missed the opportunity in snapping a few shots of our cupcake display. I did however, take a couple shots before delivering. They were just as yummy as they looked!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Double Birthday Surprise

This past weekend, I had an order for birthday cupcakes from a family that had a 4 year old boy & 2 year old girl with the SAME birthday, just 2 yrs apart! Making their birthday cupcakes was so fun to do since I got to create some girly ones AND boyish ones!=)

For the girl, we went with a banana cupcake with banana cream frosting (dyed pink) and topped them with pink sugar sprinkles & pink fondant #2's and flowers!

For the boy, we decided to do a vanilla cupcake with vanilla bean frosting. Half of the cupcakes were dyed blue with a spiderman mask made from fondant & food coloring, while the other half had a simple, blue fondant #4!

These kiddos got an extra sweet surprise on their birthday! Customized cupcakes, what could be better?!?!;)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Pumpkin Spice & Sweet Potato

To wrap-up our Fall Flavors, we have the Sweet Potato Cupcake & Pumpkin Spice Cupcake!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attempt the Sweet Potato cupcake. I knew it would be a perfect addition to our Fall flavors because Sweet Potatoes already make fabulous pies that are commonly served during Thanksgiving & Christmas. Sweet Potatoes are also served as a lovely side dish after baking & pureeing them. They are commonly seasoned with cinnamon, brown sugar, & nuts. My mom has always made them with marshmallows and/or brown sugar. I especially love sweet potatoes and look forward to this dish every Fall & Winter season! That is why I knew that I just HAD to turn these sweet little potatoes into cupcakes! We start off with fresh sweet potatoes...we refuse to use the canned ones!

Our Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes were made very similarly, in that we use only fresh pumpkin & leave the canned pumpkin for the other cupcake companies to use;)

Every Fall season, I buy fresh pumpkins & baked them into delicious pies, muffins, shakes, & custards! I figured that if I could easily make a pumkin pie & pumpkin muffins, then I certainly can make pumpkin cupcakes! I had a lot of fun making these & the ingredients that I put in these cupcakes are very similar to what I put in my homemade pies. I use only the freshest ingredients, including Premium Korintje Cinnamon & freshly ground cloves! The cupcakes are filled with a Cinnamon Cream Cheese filling & topped with an Amaretto Buttercream Frosting! They are also, lightly dusted with cinnamon & an orange fondant pumpkin!

Please note that our Autum Delight, Pumpkin Spice, & Sweet Potato Cupcakes are seasonal only. Our Apple Pie Cupcakes are offered year around, but the apples that we use will vary depending on seasonal availability.

Look out for our special SPOOKtacular cupcakes! Fun & festive, decorated cupcakes, specifically for Halloween!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

25th Birthday Surprise

Yesterday, my friends & I celebrated our girlfriend Melissa's 25th birthday. I wanted to do something extra special for her, especially since we typically bake sweets for each other on our birthdays. So, I thought I would bake her some ultra elegant cupcakes this year! She wanted chocolate with a vanilla frosting. I then came up with the idea of adding real vanilla beans to the frosting, which indeed made it soo much richer in taste!

             My special vanilla bean frosting!

               And here are the cupcakes!!

I always embelish my boxes with a burgundy or gold ribbon & sequins. I thought this one needed a <3

                The birthday girl herself!

                  The birthday girl & I:)

Friday, October 1, 2010


Hey Everyone! We have been working insanely hard on our Fall flavors & will be introducing them one by one over the course of this weekend. Since October is National Apple Month, what better chance to introduce our first Fall flavor than now? Apple Pie Cupcake!

Delicious, fluffy, & buttery vanilla cake, stuffed with fresh apple slices that were macerated in our top secret apple spice blend! We even top it with our special, Whipped Ammaretto Frosting! This is a must try & will be a huge hit at any party or family event!:)

Our second Fall flavor that I would love to introduce is our Autumn Delight! This cupcake is so unique & certainly like NO OTHER cupcake you've ever tried before! I was inspired to re-create this cupcake after doing some heavy research for a unique "Fall" flavor. I wanted to make something that was original, that almost no one would be daring to create. I came across a Tomato & Roasted Bean Cupcake & although I am sure the original recipe is just as yummy, I felt it needed some personal tweeking:)

A dense & flavorful cake that is made with pureed pinto beans, brown sugar, nutmeg & cinnamon! It is then topped with our very own cream cheese & tomato spice frosting! This cupcake is the essence of what a Fall cupcake should taste like. It's daring & tempting all at the same time!

Check back weekly for more Fall flavors that we will be introducing:)