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At the Cupcake Corner, we strive to provide high quality cupcakes made with premium ingredients & free from hydrogenated oils. We are so passionate about our cupcakes & would never serve anything that we would not love to devour ourselves. All of our cupcakes are baked by hand, from scratch! We promise to serve you the freshest cupcakes made with a tremendous amount of love & care. We are always especially thrilled to receive customized orders (for an extra charge), so please don't hesitate to be as creative as you can get! We are more than willing to accomodate your special occasion, as best as we possibly can. If you have special dietary restrictions or requests (i.e. gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, egg free), we are always happy to accomodate for an additional charge. Please note that special requests require extra time to prepare so please contact us for details! For all other cupcake inquiries or orders, feel free to contact us at your convenience at: OR 858-610-6500.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Cakes, Cupcakes, & Fondant!

Last week, I had the opportunity to explore my creative abilities with fondant!

Wednesday, I had a last minute order for a 6" Chocolate Cake with Mexican Vanilla Bean frosting. I rarely take last minute orders, but I happened to be free that afternoon, so it worked out perfectly:) I decided to jazz up the cake a little bit with some simple, fondant decorations. The cake looked modern & classic in my opinion:) Please note that those ARE NOT crumbs in the frosting, lol! They are REAL Mexican Vanilla Beans!:)

Friday, I had an order for a dozen, standard Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes! It has been awhile since I made these, so it was definitely fun to do:) Especially since they were customized for Halloween & three birthdays! I especially love the little ghosts:)

On Saturday, I created a "pond" out of fondant & a 6" round cake. It was a gift for a friend of mine on his 24th birthday this past Saturday! I think it came out pretty great considering I am still new to the "fondant world." It did not take me as long as I had anticipated, and was a lot simpler to do than it looked! The fish was fun to sculpt, and I thought it needed a bit of a shimmer & a silvery sheen, so I painted on an edible shimmer dust. The red "tackle box" was fairly easy to make & initially I had wanted to make a fondant person, fishing from the canoe but ran out of time! I did attempt to make a fishing rod, with the hook attached to the fish's mouth, but it was soo heavy & kept falling over, so I decided to 86 the rod. Since the cake was only a 6" I did not want to overcrowd  it & thought less would be better:) Anyway, The flavor was my Mexican Vanilla Bean Cake & I frosted it with a simple vanilla buttercream, dyed blue, for the "water."

My friend Raina, ordered three dozen mini cupcakes for her boyfriend's birthday, in addition to the cake above. She choose Pumpkin Spice, Tiramisu, & Green Tea. It was nice to get an order of Green Tea cupcakes, since all I have really been making lately are the Fall cupcakes and of course red velvet, Chocolate, & Vanilla. The cupcakes turned out great (with the exception of a minor overflow of some of the Green Tea cupcakes)...oops! It was an easy fix though, and they ended up turning out great! I also, decided to add some 3-D fondant pumpkins, as they look so adorable on top of the Pumpkin Spice cupcakes and I know that in another month or so, I will have to wait a whole year until I will get a chance to make them again:(

I also had an order for a dozen, standard Chocolate cupcakes with Mexican Vanilla Bean frosting, customized for a baby shower! I looove doing baby showers:) I have a little more experience with them now & have so many fun ideas that I want to put to work! This order took a little more time to make, as some of the fondant decorations have quite a bit of detail, however, it was definitely worth the time!:)

As you can see, it was a very busy, yet productive & successful week in baking & decorating:)


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